Its one of the best things on travelling  –  to meet new people !!!

Its interesting & inspiering !!!

We met Lisa & Richard at the sunset in St. Cathrins in Canada

and after a few words they even invited us to come in their beautiful house –

we spent a nice evening there –

they shared some well tasting food with us and

Richard gave us a fantastic private home concert on his piano –

we had a very inspiring evening and a good night while parking on their driveway

we wanna say a heartly thank you to Lisa & Richard

and we are looking forward to meet them again in Vienna! Hopefully 🙂

At Port Stanley we met another nice couple

Helena & Isaak – also two Canadiens with interesting roots

and they shared their homemade salad with us

we had a beer together and a really nice afternoon

talking about our passion – about travelling 🙂

In Yellowstone NP we met

Nancy & Charly

we are really thankfull to meet so wonderful people

open and helpful – they gave us so many tipps and we had a lot of nice houres together – a perfekt dinner and a good breakfast in Jackson – they even invited us in their „tiny“ bus

 a perfect penthouse on wheels and we are so touched we even got a thanksgiving invitation – we are looking forward to meet them again and don’t forget – you promised to come to Vienna –

Big heartly thank you to Nancy & Charly

We are lucky – we met so many people – from so many countries so far –

we can’t write about all of them –

with some of them we had a beer,

beautiful hikes or only a nice talk on the way – but there are some

they really need to be on this page:

Thank you for the nice time with

Petra & Gerhard

on the ship and by the campfire!

Unbelievable how often we met

Daniela & Florian

It was nice to see you again and again..

hopefully we will meet you

also in Vienna or Graz.

All the best for your wedding and

we are looking forward to get a picture.

Thank you for sharing your campfire

and your experiences

Brigitte & Eddi

we wish you all the best

for your long time travelling

and we would be happy

to see you again on such a beautiful place.

We cross our fingers

for the lovely french family

Marie & Fabrice & Saimarra & Serenn

Our dogs had a wonderful time

with your kids –

maybe we can meet us again

on the way south.